About the Team

Team Osweiler was founded on the way to a gas station in 2009.  The two main players are Katie and Victor but sometimes includes a variety of family members, friends or random people we find along the way.

Katie and Victor decided to get married in 2008 and start married life with two years in England with Victor’s assignment with the US Air Force. After moving back to the States in 2010, they set up camp on Hanscom AFB near Boston for a short stint of 18 months before moving to Washington DC for one year.  Following DC, they lived for two glorious and insanely amazing years in Niamey, Niger. To their surprise, they were sent back to DC in 2015 and that’s where Victor hoped to retire from the USAF. In DC, Katie started the journey toward ordination in the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America and was approved for ministry in 2017. Little did they know, their adventures with the USAF were not over, nor were there adventures abroad! They packed up the kitties once again and moved to Belgium in 2017 where Vic worked at the US Embassy and Katie got a job at All Saints’ Episcopal Church in Waterloo. When Victor retired in 2020, they decided not try and move during a global pandemic so Kaite kept her job at the church and they became normal people in Brussels. Katie also enjoys being a Reservist in the USAF as a chaplain and from time to time works at Ramstein Air Base in Germany. As of November 2021, this is their life. CC6C89E7-06A5-48D4-8BF0-24C1041B9D9E

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