Ethiopia Photo Log

Words cannot describe the adventure we had in Ethiopia.  And so I bring you these photos.  I’ll reflect upon the journey in another post.

Of course, my internet is too slow for me to even try and rearrange them into chronological order so you are going to experience our entire trip from end to beginning.

Addis Abba and National Museum: Lucy’s home

IMG_6086 IMG_6084 IMG_6059 IMG_6057 IMG_6037

Axum and house of the Ark of the Covenant (or so we are told)

IMG_5992 IMG_5982

IMG_5968 IMG_5947 IMG_5942 IMG_5920 IMG_5915 IMG_5912

Lalibela: home of our new “son” Asefa- unfortunately I didn’t get a good photo of him.

IMG_5897 IMG_5899 IMG_5888 IMG_5863 IMG_5815 IMG_5809 IMG_5807 IMG_5786 IMG_5782 IMG_5774 IMG_5763 IMG_5737 IMG_5734 IMG_5724 IMG_5705 IMG_5669


Gondar and Simien National Park

IMG_5634 IMG_5610 IMG_5603 IMG_5590 IMG_5560 IMG_5556 IMG_5544 IMG_5542 IMG_5528 IMG_5512 IMG_5511 IMG_5502 IMG_5498 IMG_5495 IMG_5465

Bahir Dar

IMG_5198 IMG_5175 IMG_5157 IMG_5090 IMG_5045 IMG_5022

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