Marrakech Madness

Rabat was laid back compared to our time in Marrakech.  We stayed at a fantastic riad in the middle of the old part of town.  We had to wind through the market just to find the side road to turn down only to make another turn and yet another turn to get to our place.  It was fabulous.  A riad is really just a big house turned into a hotel that is hidden in the twists and turns of older parts of town.  Ours even had it’s own little hammam where you can get scrubbed down, bathe and then get a relaxing massage.


One of the best parts of Marrahech was the train ride to get there.  There were snow covered mountains that dominated the horizon and a cliche blue sky.  The train tickets were so inexpensive, we traveled first class for our whole time in Morocco.


The center of Marrakech old town boasted a World Heritage Site where all kinds of people could be found.  By day you can find snake charmers, small musical groups and a variety of things to buy.  At night the whole place converts in to one big outdoor cook out.  There are lines of tables and tents with each one beckoning you to try their delicacies.  It was a bit too cold for us to eat outside so we chose one of the few restaurants to eat outside of the square.  This was not a foodies type of town.  We ate well, but it was not easy to find a place that didn’t reek of tourists.    IMG_3301When we found a place to eat, we ordered the traditional tagine and it was AMAZING!  The flavors are nothing like I have ever tasted and the meat was so tender it melted in my mouth.  I was going to take a before photo but it was too delicious and I couldn’t put my fork down to pick up the camera!


On our last day we took a carriage ride around the city and stopped at a botanical garden (Jardin Majorelle).  It was absolutely lovely.  We wouldn’t have thought to venture that far away from our area of town but I’m glad we make the trip.


We had some rain in Marrakech but most of the days were clear and sunny.  There were some amazing sunsets and beautiful views to be seen.IMG_3411 IMG_3403

The city was truly magical but I will have to say, I thought I was going to die a few times.  In between those buildings is a maze of shops with narrow streets not wide enough for a car.  However, people will ride their motorcycles, bicycles and scooters at amazing speeds.  I don’t know how we didn’t get run over or even witness anyone else get run over the whole time we were there.  It was utter madness.  And the craziest part was that not one pedestrian batted an eye.  It was like the most normal thing in the world.  IMG_3361 IMG_3319

Isn’t Victor cute?  It’s so nice to take a break from the heat and dust!IMG_3309IMG_3306This was a trip we will never forget!  I have fulfilled a childhood dream and it won’t be soon enough for us to return.

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