Adventures in Ghana

When we moved to Niger I hadn’t decided wether or not I would get a job for the first few months.  After meeting people those first few days it was suggested that I visit the American School and see if they have any positions that need to be filled.  Sure enough, the director right away asked me if I just so happened to teach 2nd and 3rd grade.  Well, since I’ll try anything once, I took the job.  Not sure if that was the smartest thing to do but it’s been an adventure ever since.

This job, as most of the ones I’ve had in the past, has lead me to some fantastic opportunities.  The first one was an education conference in Ghana.  After the conference was over, I stayed in country with two other teachers and we had a relaxing mountain adventure.  Here are some photos of our time in Ghana:


This was one of those times when you think “I might not survive this” and then throw caution to the wind.  We scaled down a rock wall to get to a waterfall.  Luckily, it was totally worth it.  Of course, I didn’t upload a photo of the lovely waterfall…I have no idea why. IMG_6949

The view from our Mountain Paradise Resort that was more like camping with concrete walls.  But it was so quiet and peaceful I could have stayed there for days.

Just a little friend I found in the bathroom of my room at the mountain resort.  He didn’t last long. IMG_6928

THE SEA!!!  I ate more lobster in Ghana than I ever had in my life!  It was cheap and plentiful.  Just how I like it.


The weather was amazing and it was nice to be hugged with humidity for a few days.


Just a little bar we visited one night but it was such a fabulous time.  The best part was being out and about in a city with a lowered security threat.  One night I actually walked from my hotel to a restaurant all by myself.  It was like I was a real person.  IMG_6910 IMG_6909 IMG_6913

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