Our First Marine Ball

It happened back in November, but here are a few photos from our first Marine Ball.  The Marines at our embassy are a fantastic group of guys and gals!  The Detachment Commander is a great guy and his wife is absolutely fabulous.  We have really enjoyed getting to know them while on post.  They have one kid and she’s in my class at school (and pretty much one of my favorites).  They did a great job putting on an amazing Marine Ball in a third world country.

Victor invited some local military acquaintances and it was really fun getting to know them.  And then came the dancing!  What a fun night!  I can’t wait until next year.



The party was held at the Ambassador’s Residence, overlooking the Niger River.
DATT Promotion Ceremony 002

Some of Victor’s colleagues at other embassies.


These are a few of my fellow teachers at American International School Niamey.DSC09433

Victor showed everyone his sweet moves.

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