Nous sommes arrivée

Change occurs everyday whether we are active or passive in it’s demise. Time, weather, underwear; change is inevitable. Big changes, however, are usually more noticeable. Stock market crash, conversion, international move; change is insane. We currently find ourselves in the big change category. Two days in country and it still hasn’t sunken in that we live in Africa. Perhaps it will become more clear when what I call “traveler’s tummy” kicks in.


It’s the smell of Africa that hits you before the heat. When I traveled to Tanzania in 2005 the same smell gripped me as well. It’s as if someone is always cooking something over a fire and all you want to do is find that fire and gorge on whatever is for dinner. A scent that is not as much delicious as it is intriguing.


Arriving at night the city was cloaked in darkness and gave the impression that some thing seedy was going on at every corner. As we drove through the streets my eyes opened twice as wide as if they were starved to consume everything they saw. Although, halfway through the trip I noticed that the cats in their crate had yet to make a meow. Someone else had packed up the SUV with our suitcases and sweethearts. As much as we tried to coax them into a peep, they stayed silent. It wasn’t until we arrived at our destination and I saw their eyes searching like mine did I let out my breath.


Eighteen months later, our journey to Africa is complete. Now the life in Africa will begin.

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