Our year in DC


For the past year we have called Washington DC our home.  We decided to live in the city and it was a beautiful decision.  Our apartment was located in the SouthEast quadrant of DC, just down the street from National’s Baseball Stadium.  Yes, we went to quite a few games.  (you know, two hours before game time, they start selling tickets for $5!)

One of my most favorite things about this city was when people would come visit and we toured the sights.  Most of the time, I tried to get everyone on bikes and see the city from two wheels.  Not only is it a quick way to get around, it’s a great place to ride too.  I rode my bike all over the place but one of the most magical places of all is the White House.  I don’t know why but each time I rode by, it made me smile.  I just love the idea that I was neighbors with the President.

This was the first time either of us lived in a city and we both agree that we would do it again in a heartbeat.  There are so many things to do: museums, theatre, restaurants, sports, rivers…you name it!  But for me, the city shows something that other places merely hide: crazy.  The city doesn’t hide it’s crazy.  I absolutely love that people in the city live within the melting pot of America.  I will long for this diversity the rest of my life.

Our year in DC included:

A White House tour (and tour of the gardens!)
Katie joined DC Strokes Rowing Club – amazing!
Many trips to Eastern Market
Obama’s second Presidential Inauguration
Reconnecting with old friends
Touring the sights at night on our bikes
Visits from friends and family
Cherry Blossom Festival
Monticello and Mt Vernon
Biking to the National Arboretum
Seeing Teddy win the Presidents Race!
Katie ran the Nike Women’s Half Marathon in DC (can you believe it?!)
Visiting pastor friends all over the DC metro area
Hiking the high point in VA

We will miss you, DC!  Let’s cross our fingers we will return!

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2 Responses to Our year in DC

  1. D.C. says:

    I’ll miss you too.

  2. Sheryl says:

    Good luck to you Arthur and Katie!

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