I know, I know…

So maybe I haven’t updated our blog in a year but it’s been crazy.  But we’re back online and ready to keep you updated on the happenings of Team Osweiler.

After 6 months of French training we entered 3 months of diplomatic training.  Since the beginning of April it’s been a roller coaster of insanity.  Our move date to Niger was pushed back from July to August and we spent most of the summer in Ohio with my family.

Our new leave date is August 28th and this week we will have one more week of training with the Department of State.  So many things have been last minute that I wouldn’t be surprised if they told us today that we actually have another month of something else and then we can leave in September.  Hahaha!!

I’m sure I will have more time to update the good old blog when I’m stuck in the house for a few weeks.

Peace out, yo.

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2 Responses to I know, I know…

  1. It would be great to hear more about your life in Niger! Keep up the blogging…coming from someone who blogs rarely…

  2. Elena says:

    It’s funny how you miss foods. I missed puenat butter in Germany and our whole team missed pork. Glad you got to eat some cookies and roast pig.

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