En Francias, s’il vous plait.

Today was our second day of French Language training.  Perhaps you are wondering why we are learning French.  In this post I will explain it all. It all started on a dark and stormy night…

Not really, but doesn’t that sound exciting?

It all started when Victor and I spent two years stationed in England.  He worked for the Ministry of Defense for two years and we pretty much had the time of our lives.  This put a bit of a travel bug in our…well, where ever travel bugs go…and we decided that we would try for another over seas assignment.  After we landed back in the States, Victor got picked up for an over seas assignment a year later but I had to stay home since it was not possible for me to follow him to Afghanistan.

About a month or so into his deployment a friend emailed him a posting for jobs opening up in a variety of US Embassies around the world.  After asking my permission to put his name in the hat, he applied but getting a slot would be a long shot.  Apparently, the long shot hit the bulls-eye and by February he was informed that he would be the Defense Attache and Senior Defense Officer at the US Embassy in Niger.

And just incase you were wondering,”where the heck is Niger?”, here’s a map:

Don’t worry, I wondered the same thing.  I did, however, know that it is located in Africa.

So after a short 18 months in the greater Boston area, we packed up and moved to Washington DC.  For the next year we will be learning French for the first six months and then off to Embassy training.

And that’s all you need to know for today.

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2 Responses to En Francias, s’il vous plait.

  1. Andrea & Alex says:

    Cher Katie,
    Nous sommes vraiment heureux d’être dans votre classe à tricoter. Je vous souhaite le meilleur au Niger. Andrea et Alex

  2. Sheryl Ricci says:

    Hi Katie, or should I call you “Jackie” (oh, that doesn’t work in this instance, does it?).
    It was great to read your adventures. You are a terrific writer. I look forward to your next posting. God be with you in your travels, and good luck to you and Oscar.


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