This is the beginning of the next adventure of Team Osweiler

Victor and I just entered into our fourth year of marriage and what better way to celebrate than taking on a new adventure?  Last week we moved to Washington DC from Boston for Vic’s new assignment with the Air Force.  This is my first post on our new site: Team Osweiler.

Rather than tell you what’s going on in our lives, I’m going to tell you the story of Team Osweiler:

A few years ago, whilst we were stationed in England, Victor and I were driving to a USAF base near Oxford.  We were running low on petrol and I was getting a bit worried but Victor wanted to make it to the base for cheap gas.  Usually we can get a little over 420mi per tank in our little Prius but we were well past the safety zone.  I begged Victor to pull over for a few gallons (liters) but he wouldn’t budge.  “We’re going to make it!” he shouted.  “Are you with me?” and he put up his hand for me to grab.  I hesitated when he pulled out the big guns, ” Come on, TEAM OSWEILER!”  That’s when I had to give in.  Team Osweiler was going to make it to the base.  As we rolled into the gas station I knew that if Team Osweiler can make it this far, we can make it anywhere.  So now when either Victor or I need to get the other on board with anything, we stick our our hand and say: TEAM OSWEILER!

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2 Responses to Beginnings

  1. Rebecca Lathrop says:

    Happy Anniversary and GO TEAM O!

  2. karen burtnett says:

    LOve this! Thanks. I am hooked on Team Osweiler adventures, now.

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